Tuesday, April 19, 2011


A perfection of means, and confusion of aims, seems to be our main problem.
                                                                                                      -Albert Einstein 

A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.
                                                                        -Edward de Vere (formally William Shakespeare)

Music is the one incorporeal entrance into the higher world of knowledge which comprehends mankind but which mankind cannot comprehend.
                                                                                                               -Ludwig van Beethoven 

Be warned, I am about to start spouting a tared of perhaps unsupported claims in which I compare people of the past to extremely well known people in our culture today. I believe this is fair warning for all.

 Every person knows of the music star Lady Gaga, correct? Of course, she is the "hottest" sensation of the year, and why shouldn't she be, she works hard to have her lyrics written for her, and all the creativity of her fashion designer, Her only real redeeming quality in my opinion is what others perceive as a wonderful singing voice. I often wonder how her "little monsters" as her fans are called can stand to listen to such a freakish excuse for musical talent. I ask you this, have you ever heard of Ludwig Von Beethoven? He is a most famous pianist for his time and wrote his own music, and what made that more challenging is, for his most famous symphonies, he was completely deaf. That is correct, deaf, he had no ability to hear at all and instead relied on the vibrations he felt beneath his feet to discern pitches, tones and chords. What's more, he didn't have to sing to make his music beautiful nor inspirational, It simply was. And what of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? He didn't suffer from the physical disability that Beethoven did, but he is still by far a greater musician than our borderline psychotic idol of modern music. What of Johann Sebastian Bach, or Edvard Grieg? I would encourage you to listen to these composers and discern whether modern music is really as entertaining as previously thought. Past composers weren't very rich either, whereas Lady Gaga is most likely swimming in money and promotions.

I would challenge any modern poet to compare him or herself with the likes of  Edward de Vere, 17th earl of Oxford and  Edgar Allan Poe, father of the mystery genre of literature. One of Edwards most famous poems, Romeo and Juliet, was written completely in iambic pentameter, which is no small task by any means. He also wrote 154 sonnets, which may be considered the most brilliant pieces of English literature. Poe's most famous poem 'The Raven" is a wild look into the insanity of the depressing life of its author. He also wrote many more, which are not as popular but are nonetheless significant and beautiful in their own way.

Do you know of Stephen Hawking, the Prophetic "new Einstein" ? Some may not have, due to their lack of attention into intellectual matters and instead looking at Lady Gaga's newest fashion, but the point stands still. His theories are no doubt thought producing and whimsical views into several subjects, but how useful are they if they just remain theories? Do not misconstrue my words, i do have an immense respect for the above mentioned mathematician, but Einstein was by far the better of these two. Einstein was not an average scientist, in fact, he was quite friendly to those he knew had weaker intellect. He was an outgoing and sociable person who taught people interesting ways to look at the world. His most famous equation E=MC^2, Is very useful in the medical community today for use with radioactive substances and was used to decide that the basic fission process between atoms was possible. The best part of this is that Einstein thought his equation a complete failure. It even led to the creation of the atomic bomb!

Leonardo DaVinci is the most respectable person in my mind as of now, for he mastered many things during his life and was a true renaissance man. He studied the anatomy of the human body quite accurately, painted the beautiful Mona Lisa and many more paintings of excellence, In his notebook are drawings for inventions hundreds of years ahead of his time and he was an exceptional man of mystery, Using his eloquence to write his entire notebook upside down and reversed.

Keep in mind that i am not in the slightest comparing myself to the above mentioned people, for i know that i will never become as musically talented as even Lady Gaga, nor as well written as modern poets, A severe doubt is placed on my shoulder when comparing myself to Stephen Hawking, for never shall i even enter his range for intelligence, and i shant ever master a multitude of subjects as the inventive Leonardo DaVinci.

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