Sunday, February 27, 2011


I wonder what topics i should speak about in my blog, so far i have set up the topic of writing, steampunkery, art, and philosophy. I would like to expand my choices of what to write but have been fearful to stray from my main motives,I would encourage some feedback(though i' ve noticed i only have one follower, thanks jokyr) from anybody reading my blog as to what they would like me to talk about. That is all for today and i hope to speak again soon

Thursday, February 24, 2011

is anybody interested in more philosophical questions? it would seem that my mind is blank of anything to write otherwise, so i shall ask them. This question brings up a touchy subject, just know i hold no religious belief and if i did, i would still honor your opinion.Why do you think that people believe in god/ goddess/gods/goddesses/ gods and goddesses/ animals/ or none? It would seem that such belief in metaphysical beings/ entities are entirely misplaced when the laws of science clearly state the creation of the universe in such a logical manner. I sincerely hope that nobody will become cantankerous at my suggestion. The other touchy subject is the matter of government. Why do we have such a diverse amount of political views and such illogical arguments over which is the best way to rule/ govern/ enslave a society? That is it for the day and i wish to share with you again soon.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A website suggestion

For a website that will turn your gears i would highly suggest Parliament & Wake. It is also mildly steampunk in fashion, so it is a great way to study. Enjoy what i have to offer.

Friday, February 18, 2011

It would seem that this is my second time to post, that is good. I would like to ask a few philosophical questions and feel free to answer as you wish. 1. why are small insects so important? example being that for a person to have great power they must trap a fly with chopsticks, or spear them to a wall with the use of a thumb tack or knife. 2. why is the red apple the symbol for knowledge? There are other colors of apples and other symbols for knowledge like: books, the brain, or a pen, so why the apple? I urge you to share with me your ideas.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I suppose this is my first post, so i shall talk about myself, I write stories (not fan-fictions) and do crafts. I intend not to give any personal detail, for then it would be easy to figure out who i am. I joined blogger as an experiment and I suppose it is going good so far. You may have noticed my steampunk background, I also enjoy this genre of storytelling and personal style. I shall now end my first blog, perhaps in time you can get to know My Inner Gears