Sunday, March 27, 2011

Terribly sorry that I haven't posted for a long while. Now then, apologies aside, I've been thinking of something. The world seems to be ruled by violence. It is an ever-present aspect of our lives. We are well versed in the history of duels for woman or monetary settlements. The "draws" of the west play in our heads as we hear a specific tune. Fighting has even become grounds for entertainment in the modern era. It is often described in any kind of informative news agency. Those individuals fortunate enough to have television sets see it in every news station. The latest murder locally or an unfortunate event occurring in a distant country always seem to make appearances as if they themselves were a foundation in a news organization. Those without the telly may hear it from a radio broadcast or from friends, family members or strangers walking along the streets, waiting for somebody to gossip with. Acts of violence in alcoholic service buildings (bars) are so prevalent that they have earned a title in everyone's internal slang dictionary (I.E. bar fight.) I am not completely sure what a bar fight exactly entails, for I do not loiter around such places, but the talk about breaking bottles and stools while fighting is enough to discourage even the bravest man from drinking and attempting to fight. A third tactic that I've heard talk of is the 2+ against 1 ratio, in which two or more people face a single person in combat. Some call it cowardice but I think they do not understand an underlying truth, with that truth being, that perhaps the larger group all want to cause harm but do not want to wait for the others to finish. Therefore all of them will fight and cause large amounts of damage in short periods of time. Supposing that the single party is a martial artist, the larger group may fall or they may still overpower the single party and harm him extensively. Talking of martial arts, It has taken an almost magical form in the opinion of ordinary people theses days. The sheer ability to dispatch opponents efficiently is where I think this magical opinion lies. If you have any other thoughts on the above topics please share them so that i may add to my knowledge.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

To ease my troubled mind

What is humanity's disposition toward sexual desire? We seem to be engulfed by the need for it and it leads us to do sickening acts upon ourselves, our friends, and our families. To point out first: pornography. It is commonly misconceived that men are slave to this "act" of unrealistic voyeurism. My theory is that some men can become so obsessed with this that he will ruin his life and the lives of those around him. So why do we even have this in the first place? for some kind of demented pleasure? all it would trigger is the release of endorphins in the brain, that is all that anything sexual ever does. Second point: our friends. I was recently told that somebodies boyfriend was paid in the form of cannabis to have sexual relations with his sisters best friend. Why anybody would want to commit such a despicable act despite his loved one is not easily understood. He did it for his own benefit, because he was an imbecile and got a release of endorphins for the price of something else that released endorphins, it sounds stomach turning when thought about. Did this friend perhaps want his sexual release? or was she forced into it? Which bring up another topic in the form of my third point: Rape and incest. People forcibly commit sexual assault on attractive women and men, but what is the point of all this? Who could possibly be so putrid that he/she would find a random person, drag them into a dark alley, and purge their comfort? Either of the people in this scenario could get a dangerous and fatal STD or the victim could lose his or her virginity. I personally cannot grip how terrifying that would be: blood everywhere, a gun to your head, and trash surrounding you on all sides, making you feel like trash yourself. Worse than the rapist( if any) is the family that takes advantage of their own offspring. This is truly sickening to me. Why a family member would wish to ruin the lives of their family i cannot and refuse to fathom, though it shows itself daily in my mind. It would take immense mental strength to get out of these situations. I especially fear for women, because they are easily overpowered by the scum of men trying to sexually assault them. In the end, this posting did not actually ease me or my feelings because though it is quite lengthy, The sentences that i purposefully deleted from my article would have helped to identify me, and for me to be known would take away the magic of me being able to express my thoughts without limit nor regret.