Friday, February 18, 2011

It would seem that this is my second time to post, that is good. I would like to ask a few philosophical questions and feel free to answer as you wish. 1. why are small insects so important? example being that for a person to have great power they must trap a fly with chopsticks, or spear them to a wall with the use of a thumb tack or knife. 2. why is the red apple the symbol for knowledge? There are other colors of apples and other symbols for knowledge like: books, the brain, or a pen, so why the apple? I urge you to share with me your ideas.


  1. The catching of a small insect with chopsticks, or pinning them to a wall with a knive is considered "impossible." Therefore, the person is either very skilled or very lucky. It's easy, then, to assume that someone who has accomplished such an impossible task must be destined for greatness.

    The apple is commonly associated with the forbidden fruit referenced in the bible which Adam and Eve partake of. They were innocent, like children, and had no knowledge of worldly things, as expressed by their having no qualms about running around a garden naked. The fruit was from from the tree of knowledge, which would bestow upon them a knowledge of good and evil. The bible never mentions what type of fruit came from the tree, but it is commonly accepted to be an apple, but sometimes a pear.

    Good questions...

  2. did you know hat without Insects we would all die? slowly of course but yeah thought I should mention that sence I have nothing on these two topics....:P